Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us and yet this amazing, special, memorable holiday is already in the shadows of the elaborate Christmas season. Christmas trees are in full display, cards already arriving in the mail and the mall Santa has arrived earlier than usual.

But aren’t we skipping over one of the most important “loved one” days? It’s a chance to truly share with someone how much they are appreciated. It’s a time for moms and daughters – or sons – to bond over getting the lumps out of the mashed potatoes while in the other room boisterous cheers for a favorite football team can be heard. Or for me, it’s one of my favorite days to laze on the couch with my kids and watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, a tradition my parents used to do with with me and my siblings.

While no family is perfect, whenever a family can be together, it becomes a day that families and friends reflect on good memories from past traditions and skeletons are put in the closet, forgotten and set aside. But with the hustle and bustle of every day life, it’s hard to remember what makes Thanksgiving truly special.

While writing this blog post, I thought about a couple ways you might be able to make this Thanksgiving special for you and your loved ones.

Here’s a couple ideas:
1. Make a little extra Thanksgiving deliciousness and share with the homeless.

There is nothing more special than the feeling and knowledge you have helped someone else. And what better example for the younger generations than showing kindness for those less fortunate.

2. Take away all cell phones and really appreciate the time together as a family.

How nice it is to sit down and have an actual conversation without constantly checking social media, email or checking in with Google.

3. Invite someone who may not have family or at least family close enough to drive/fly in for the holiday.

You never know, you might learn about other fun traditions that you’d like to incorporate into your holiday festivities.

4. Make a point to be positive and refrain from negative discussions.

This one is hard to do, but it can change the whole atmosphere of your holiday gathering.

5. Play a game or take a walk as a family.

Who knows, this walk may lead to finding the perfect Christmas tree.

While it’s easier to purchase that store-bought pumpkin pie, think of the extra minutes of laughter or fun while you roll the pie crust out with your family or friends. Or take that extra minute and appreciate the younger generation that’s in your house. Remember, you’ll never have this minute together again.

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.