Nies Homes Receives Avid Benchmark Award

Customer service. In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced society, the strong need for exemplary customer service remains the same as it did decades ago. But how people perceive customer service has changed as demands have changed. And companies are having to devote time, effort and funds to ensure they are matching what their customers are needing. 

One of the keys to building our relationship with our clients is to ensure we have a strong, unmatched building experience. Yes, we are the builders. But at the end of the day, when our customers take the keys to their beautiful new home, we want them to know that the whole process evolved around providing them the best experience and customer service they could receive.

In our quest to continue to build stronger customer rapport with our clients, we enlisted the services of Avid Ratings Co. We knew they would be able to help us take our customer service experience to a whole new level, allowing us to provide better customer engagement and measure our success.

We recently received word from Avid that we were awarded a 2017 Avid Benchmark Award for our South Central region. More than 95% of our customers expressed they would refer and recommend us. We couldn’t be more humbled and honored after hearing the results.

It’s truly a team effort – not only because of our exceptional team that takes the extra steps needed to make Nies what it is today – but also our amazing clients, who daily make us thankful we work in the industry that we do.

However, we won’t stop there. We appreciate the feedback, our partnership with Avid Ratings, and the nationwide award recognition. And we will continue to exercise our due diligence to maintain and exceed our customer service expectations.