Nies Recognized As A Top Kansas Custom Home Builder

It is a complete understatement to say being a custom home builder is easy. Luckily we are plugged into an industry that is filled with talented people that challenge us to defy simple and look for the next cutting edge design.

So when we got the call from Home Builder Digest founder Jack Cookson, notifying us that we were included as one of the top Kansas builders, we couldn’t be more excited.

Home Builder Digest is a fairly new website connecting potential clients to builders chosen by state. The site allows visitors to review top builders in each state, based off categories including location, photos, home type, architecture or description. An opportunity to contact Home Builder Digest is also available, allowing Editor Cookson and his team to help connect visitors to the builder they feel best meets the potential client’s needs.

Again, we are excited to join the other builders chosen for this honor, not only in Kansas but across the United States. And to be recognized as one of the best in Kansas speaks to the mission of impeccable quality and craftsmanship that Clifford Nies started long ago and that we continue to uphold today.

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