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How to Select the Perfect Lot for Your New Home

Building a custom home is a journey of bringing your vision to life, where every choice is a cornerstone of your future residence. Among these choices, selecting the perfect lot for your new home stands as a fundamental decision. Whether you're eyeing a vibrant new home community or a tranquil expanse of rural acreage, understanding what to look for in a lot can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essentials of finding a lot that not only meets but enhances your luxury home experience, especially focusing on some exquisite options in Wichita.

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into lot selections, consider what your dream home entails. How does your lifestyle align with your space? Do you envision lively family gatherings, serene mornings by a water feature, or perhaps, sunset views from your backyard? Your needs will dictate the type of lot you choose. For instance, if you have children, a lot in a community with parks and schools may be ideal. Alternatively, if privacy and nature are your priorities, a larger, more secluded lot might be the right fit.

Private homesites in the Freestone community.

Exploring New Home Communities

Wichita is home to several thriving new home communities, each offering unique features that cater to a diverse range of preferences and lifestyles. Let’s explore a couple of noteworthy options:

Freestone Community: Nestled in the heart of Wichita, Freestone boasts 97 lots, nearly all of which are private homesites and back up to natural reserve space. The community is planned with precision, ensuring that each lot has its character while contributing to an integrated neighborhood feel. Whether it’s a lot near the lively community center or a quieter corner where kids can safely ride bikes, Freestone offers a balanced environment perfect for new homeowners.

The Croft Community: For those who dream of expansive landscapes and more intimate settings, The Croft presents an appealing choice. This community features 10 large lots, ranging from 2 to 4 acres each. Positioned to maximize privacy and natural beauty, these lots offer ample space for a luxury home complete with sprawling gardens, private ponds, or custom outdoor spaces. The Croft is ideal for those who cherish space and serenity.

Custom home on rural acreage.

Choosing Lots in Rural Acreage

If your heart is set on a more rustic or expansive backdrop, purchasing a lot on rural acreage might be your calling. Rural lots provide a blank canvas where the constraints of urban environments melt away. Here, you can prioritize features like:

•  Mature Landscapes: Imagine a lot graced by an ancient oak tree, its majestic limbs promising shade and character to your home’s landscape.

•  Water Features: Perhaps a serene pond or a view of a nearby lake could be the highlight of your property, offering not just aesthetic pleasure but also a habitat for local wildlife.

•  Stunning Views: Selecting a lot on a hillside could provide sweeping views of the landscape, perfect for those sunset evenings.

Each of these elements not only enhances the visual appeal and atmosphere of your home but also contributes to a profound sense of place.

Practical Considerations

While the aesthetic and emotional resonance of a lot are crucial, practical considerations are equally important:

•  Home Orientation: When selecting a lot for your custom home, considering the orientation of the property is crucial as it affects both your home's energy efficiency and your comfort. Homes with windows facing north typically receive less direct sunlight, which can keep your home cooler and reduce air conditioning costs in the summer; however, this might also result in a darker interior and potentially higher heating costs in the winter. South-facing windows enjoy ample sunlight, ideal for passive solar heating and bright, sunlit spaces, which can help in reducing lighting costs during the day. East-facing properties offer the joy of morning light, making them perfect for breakfast nooks and bedrooms that capture the serene early light. Conversely, west-facing lots are exposed to intense afternoon sun, which can make cooling your home more challenging but are perfect for those who appreciate sunset views.

•  Utilities and Access: Especially in rural areas, ensure that essential utilities are accessible or can be reasonably installed. Check if there is access to a municipal water supply or if you’ll need to drill a well. Determine whether the lot is connected to a municipal sewer system. If not, you may need to install a septic system, which will require a percolation test to ensure the soil can support it. Verify the proximity of electrical and natural gas lines. If they are not adjacent to the property, extending these utilities can be costly. Depending on the topography and size of the lot, you may need to build a driveway. Consider the cost and feasibility, especially if it involves significant distance or challenging terrain. Access to main roads is also crucial for daily commutes and emergencies.

•  Topography and Soil: The land’s topography can significantly influence construction costs. Building on a slope often requires additional foundation work and soil stabilization, which can increase construction costs. Higher elevations might provide advantages like enhanced views and better drainage, but they might also expose your home to stronger winds or more severe weather, necessitating specific building adaptations. Existing features such as rocks, trees, and water bodies can enhance the beauty of your property but might limit where you can build or require additional landscaping efforts. Sandy soils drain well but might not offer much stability, while clay-rich soils, although stable, may have poor drainage and can expand when wet, potentially causing foundational shifting. It's essential to assess the soil’s ability to support your home’s foundation—a process typically conducted through a professional geotechnical evaluation. This evaluation will help determine if additional work, such as grading or the use of special foundation techniques, is needed.

Making Your Decision

Selecting the right lot involves balancing dreams with practicalities. Whether it’s the community vibe of Freestone, the spacious tranquility of The Croft, or the rustic charm of a secluded rural acreage, each choice has its allure and considerations.

Remember, the lot you choose is not just the ground beneath your home; it's the backdrop to your life. Take your time, visit the sites, feel the ambiance, and envision your daily life unfolding there. With the right lot, your new home will be more than a structure—it will be a haven crafted uniquely for you, a place where every sunset and every quiet morning feels like it was meant just for you.

In Wichita, where the heart of the prairie meets modern living, the promise of finding the perfect lot for your luxury home awaits. Whether it's near a vibrant community hub, a serene water feature, or under the protective boughs of an ancient oak, your ideal spot is out there. Happy hunting!

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