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Where to Spend and Save in the Living Room

Living rooms are a major hub of the modern home. It's where we relax and unwind after a long day and should be comfy and cozy, while reflecting our unique style and taste. So we asked our team of designers if they would prioritize spending or saving on particular items to maximize a design budget.

Featured in our 2705 N Curtis model home, located in Sandcrest.

Spend on: Quality Sofas

A well-made living room sofa can last for years so you might want to shell out a little extra for something comfortable that can handle daily use. More expensive sofas have frames meant to last and constructed from hardwood while less expensive ones are made from plastic or soft pine. Quality sofas also feature premium cushioning and springs for lounging comfortable with the family.

Featured in a Nies custom built home.

Save on: Chic Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are one thing that our design team suggested you might want to save money. There are some great-looking, reasonably priced coffee tables available at most furniture and design retailers. When styled with some plants, books, and accessories, cheaper coffee tables can be transformed into a great addition to any living room.

Featured in a Nies custom built home.

Spend on: Premium Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can really stand out and elevate your living room design. This is one area, in particular, where the difference between premium lighting and cheaper lighting options really shows. You can also add some exotic materials to your living room mix with carefully selected lighting fixtures. Also, go for fixtures that create soft pools of light are showcase certain areas of the room.

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Save on: Cushions and Throw Pillows

Cushions and throw pillows are a great way to add some texture and patterns to a room, but thankfully you don't have to spend a lot here to add some style. Choose coordinating colors and bold designs for a personalized look. These items can also be changed out with the season, or whenever you want to refresh your color scheme.

Featured in a Nies custom built home.

Spend on: Beautiful Flooring

Your choice of flooring has one of the biggest impacts on the overall design of your living room, so it's worth investing a bit more on quality options. It also covers a big area so whether choosing between carpet or hardwood, make sure its something you can clean easily and will stand up over time.

Featured in a Nies custom built home.

Save on: Rugs

Quality rugs used to be limited to pure wood, but now you've got plenty of options to keep your living room budget on track. It's far easier to find stylish designs and plush pile in a variety of colors and sizes. Plus, rugs are often covered with a coffee table or seating so it might be better to save your money on other living room items.

Our in-house design team at Nies Homes is here to help you create a living room that reflects your own personal style and taste. When building a custom home with us, you'll work closely with the design team to curate a home just for you.

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